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QuizCreator is a set of scripts used to build quizzes for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

QuizCreator uses responsive web design, which means the product scales seamlessly from the desktop to the mobile phone.

Here are some example quizzes, which run just as well on smartphones, as they do on tablets, laptops, and desktops.


You may want to design a quiz, and post it to a website.

Perhaps for some educational purpose, or corporate training.

You may use one of these templates.

You may download a template here.


How do I use it?

The quizzes use a template model, which means you substitute your text for mine. You insert your questions and answers into pre-set data fields.

QuizCreator is comprised of two javascripts, and a set of stylesheets.

The first script is a data script, which will hold your questions and answers, ie, your data.

The second script is a creator script, which reads the data and builds the quiz.

The third piece of coding is a stylesheet, or more properly, a set of stylesheets, in which you can customize the design.

If you need to cater to only one or two screen resolutions, for example, desktops and laptops, you can get away with using only one stylesheet.

If you need to have the product scale all the way down to mobile phone, you are best using all of them, as I have done here by way of example.


What do you need to know?

You need to know how to put text into a text editor and save it as a javascript.

You need some knowledge of CSS (cascading style sheets) and HTML.

You can use any text editor to input data, but I recommend Microsoft Notepad or Visual Studio.

You need to know how to save a text file as an external javascript, ie, put quotes around it and add the .js extension.

You can do the same for stylesheets, except you put .css as the extension.

Follow the models supplied.


How do I make my own quiz?

First you download the .zip file, which has a template html example file, the two scripts, and the stylesheets.

Extract the scripts, and the set of stylesheets.

Open the data script, using a text editor, and add your questions and answers into the marked variables.

Add your images, and any styles you may wish.

Variables are clearly marked as available for user input.

Save your data and any stylesheets you wish to use in an HTML file, following the model supplied in the .zip file.

Upload to your website.


How does it work?

The creator script reads the data script (your questions and answers) and builds the quiz.

Insert the data script in the head section of an HTML file, and the creator script directly below it.

Because the creator script reads the data script, the creator script must be below the data.

Insert the stylesheets. The creator script also reads these.

The quiz runs in the client the same as these examples.

You may use the examples as templates, merely substituting your data for mine.

Use view source, in one of my examples, and follow suit.



You don't have to bother about anything in the creator script.

Do not make any changes there.

All the creator script is doing, is reading the data.

So long as the data is correctly placed in the variables, and there are no conflicting styles, the creator script will build the quiz correctly.



Scales to Smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Font customization available - you can use any font style.

Color customization available - you can use any color style.

You can vary the position of objects and text.

Simple and straightforward - only two javascripts and a stylesheet to run everything.

Easy to make backups and copies. You can rename the scripts and stylesheets to anything you like.

If you make a mistake entering data, or accidently corrupt the scripts, you can delete the lot, and start again from scratch.